About Us

OzPetShop was officially opened in February 2005. The Oz Pet Shop offers quality pet products and accessories for your beloved pets. We strive to provide the latest in pet products and are constantly on the lookout for quality pet accessories.

The benefit of online shopping is convenience, we are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week and your order is delivered to your door. We are strictly online only.

Our range of products includes pet toys, grooming products, designer dog wear, training and health products, pet treats, books, dvds, collectibles, gifts, tough toys, heating pads, pet beds, pet gadgets and other exciting things to entertain you and your pet. If we don't stock the item you are looking for then please get in touch and we will endeavour to locate it for you.

OzPetShop is owned by The Virtual Animal House Pty Ltd which launched OzPets.com.au in February 2000 and is Australia's leading pet portal. OzPets is a niche portal dedicated solely to Australian pets and pet related web sites. Features include free pet classifieds, clubs and breeders directories, pet chat, pet photo gallery, pet blogs and pet business directories. We are constantly adding new features in order to facilitate your search and provide you with the results you require.

The Virtual Animal House runs Australia's largest network of pet and animal related websites which currently includes www.ozpets.com.au, www.dogs.com.au, www.cats.com.au, www.animals.com.au, www.petchat.com.au, www.petgallery.com.au, www.ozpetshop.com.au, www.dogshop.com.au and www.catshop.com.au and www.dogcoats.com.au to mention a few!

OzPetShop is created by pet lovers for all pet lovers to enjoy and we hope you enjoy the OzPetShop experience!

The OzPetShop Team....

Our Team Members include:-

  • RIP our beloved - Juggle.
  • RIP Chief Dog Product Tester - Star.
  • Assistant Chief Dog Product Tester - Miri
  • Cat Product Manager - Tash.
  • Puppy Destruction Department - Eddie
  • Small Animal Testers - Smokey, Biscuit & Boofy.

A past team member that must be mentioned is Mango who passed away in 2000, early on in the development of OzPets. Gone but not forgotten, RIP Mango.